EZCast Pro HDMI Mirror2TV Stick Review

The EZCast Pro is based on the successful model of EZCast and works by plugging it to the HDMI port of your TV. TV sticks are portable computers that allow for video streaming and related activities. 🙂


The EZCast Pro is with a Novel hardware design to ensure a superb viewer experience. It outputs full HD videos up at up to 60fps and a robust WiFi bandwidth.

There are two output options available on this TV stick and they include HDMI and MHL so as to ensure that it works across a large range of devices from TVs to Projectors to Monitors. 

The streaming options are as wide as the device options as it can stream via EZCast Pro app, Micracast and Airplay among other standards.

The CPU in this micro beast is a 2.0GHz dual core AM8251 and is supported by a 256MB ram and 128MB rom that is not expandable.


Unlike the UGOOS UT2 Tv Box, the EZCast pro doesn’t support XMBC. However, that doesn’t make it a wash out it supports Android, iOS, and operating systems and you can display content from up to four sources in a split screen mode over WiFi. This is very useful for when in a meeting.
It is also possible to broadcast from the EZCast Pro to devices that are connected to it. What’s more, there will be regular OTA updates to ensure the increased compatibilty of the HDMI TV Stick.
There is not much to say about the device than to complain a bit about the price. However, on a second thought, you would agree that the compatibility range as well as the ability to stream from up to four devices means a lot while at the end we would only ask EZCast to put in more effort on the WiFi bandwidth and work on having  to stream 2k to 4k videos in the future even though that would mean an increas in price.
But as long as the EZCast Pro HDMI Mirror2TV Stick is concerned, it is great value for money and worth having as a pocket tool.
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