Cubot X15 Review

The Cubot X15 is a full HD 5.5″ Phone from Shenzhen Huafurui technology Co that’s with a 16MP back camera. It’s a very stylish phone that you will truly love no mater from which perspective you look at it.


The X15 is with 2.5D glass that is produced and formed in one piece by a custom machine. The glass is with high transmittance and this means that the visual impact of the screen is very well highlighted.
The frame is made of anodized aluminium alloy with a metal beam to solidify the frame. The base material is high-strength steel that is close to aircraft grade aluminium alloy meaning that the phablet is of good thermal conductivity and corrosion performance.


As said earlier the phone is a 5.5″ gadget with 1080×1920 display and 425PPI meaning that this beauty can show 16 million colours. The touch type is IPS-NEO from Japan display Inc. The contrast ratio is an astonishing 1500:1 and a brightness of 450cd/㎡ makes this phones display a beauty to behold.

Hardware and Storage

The phone is with a 64-bit quad core processor and a MaliT-720 GPU and with a 2GB ram there’s  a decent amount of memory to do the tasks that you need to complete on this device.

The phone is with an internal memory of 16GB with enough space for most of the things you need and there’s no space for expansion.
There is a really great silky flow in ways the apps work and there is not much lag as the phone is quiet responsive. The highlight however is in the phones display.

For the network connectivity it’s 4G LTE and there’s space for two sims. One Micro, and one Nano SIM.

The battery juice is at 2750mAh and I’m not overly impresses but that’s still more than OK to be honest for price of the phone.

Camera and OS

The phone is with an astonishing 16MP camera at the back and a 8MP back camera at the front for those very stunning selfies.

The phone ships with Android 5.1 Lilliopop and is not so spectacular in terms of stock apps. There’s a chance you wouldn’t love them anyway so you have more freedom at the end.

On-Point Rating

For those that are checking my blog for the first time, the OPR is a rating system that compare the features of the phone to the amount being paid for it, hence value for money from a Nigerian hustler’s perspective.

The OPR for this phone is 8.5 of 10
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  1. I got this phone and it is amazing. Amazing metal shell, pixelation is phenomenal, pictures are crisp with 16mp camera, and it feels very smoother to the touch when you hold it. 10/10

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