Crazy Things People Do to Buy iPhones.

The iPhone 14 releases today, 16th September 2022, and we are going to go over some of the insane ways people use to get an iPhone when they cannot afford one naturally.

We will look at some of the crazy things people do to buy iPhones in this blog post.

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Kidney Sales

People do sell their kidneys, and this is for real. Once seen as a joke, some people have sold their kidneys just to be able to afford an iPhone. I really don’t understand why people would do this just to buy a phone, but they seem to be proud of doing so.

Sperm Sales

Another thing that people do is sell their spam. While I still don’t understand why people would want to do this, it is an advertised practice in China. I sincerely don’t get the reason you would want to sell your organ or sperm just to be able to afford an iPhone. There are no rules or laws against selling your organs or your spans just to get an iPhone, but I don’t see the logic in it and people definitely do that.

Pimp out Girlfriend

There is at least one record of a man who rented out his girlfriend just to be able to afford the new iPhone, I would guess that while this is one record that made the news there are probably other places in the world where guys or men would pimp out their girlfriend just to be able to raise money to buy an iPhone.

Bride Price

There’s also been a record where a man paid dowry using an iPhone. The Saudi man had proposed to a lady and decided to use an iPhone to pay her bride price. While I personally don’t understand why a family would accept an iPhone in exchange for their daughter, it really did happen. If you think that is crazy enough, just wait for the next one

Sell a Child

A family in China sold their 18-day-old daughter just to be able to get an iPhone. I really don’t understand all these weird reasons to be honest, but if one family has done it, I want to believe other people have done the same just to be able to afford an iPhone. Saying goodbye to a child that you birthed just to be able to buy an iPhone that would as well drop in price over the next couple of months is totally unreasonable. I just don’t understand it.

Pimp themselves out

In Nigeria, we know that the number one way most girls use to get themselves a new iPhone is by pimping themselves out to richer and sometimes older men to be able to afford an iPhone. Some girls need just one or two rich guys to do this, others will need to have multiple boyfriends just to be able to afford an iPhone some.

While some girls can buy a brand new one, some ladies wait for a few months to be able to buy a used one. Whatever the case might be, you can definitely tell that we are in that season where girls would be ready to meet with men just to be able to afford the next iPhone.

Which other crazy methods have you heard or seen people use just to be able to afford a new iPhone. I wonder what is going to happen this year starting today for people who are trying to get an iPhone. Let us know in the comments section any other silly ways you know people would use to buy a new iPhone.


I am not trying to bash anyone by saying I don’t understand the logic to doing these things, and I respect everyone’s right to do as they please. This is just my opinion and I would probably never understand some things up until the time I die, and that’s fine.

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