The Childish Ibadan Boy

The Childish Ibadan Boy

The Childish Ibadan Boy

I was about to sleep last night when I checked my brothers facebook wall just to see that he had beaten me to what was happening in our ancient town of Ibadan.

There was a trend happening in my city, and I had no Idea? I don’t have to really feel bad you might say, and that’s so true. I had been working all day. Let’s wait for a second, don’t I work on Social Street? Hmmm, I wasn’t on Twitter avenue at the time. I was busy at Buffer radio trying to make and schedule some announcements from there.

It wasn’t too bad I guess. It’s better late than never. I decided to let the whole tale develop and craft a very good post from it. The voice of my village elder echoed. “the patient dog eats the fattest bone” but the child in me murmured “after the other dogs are done with the meat abi?”

Enough about the preambles! Let’s talk about the childish Ibadan boy and his date gone wrong that metamorphosed into a trend!

Pablo Ayodeji, the childish Ibadan boy, took a lady with name Ore out on a date with high hopes that were dashed by Ore. It got straight to Ayo’s head that he had been used and had to teach the lady a public lesson. Remember how the “Gold digger” trend was a hit?

The thing was he didn’t expect the reaction from the lady and oh my, the reaction was a total classic! See for yourself.

One thing I really don’t get is how did she get his account number? Like seriously? Whatever the case might be the reply earned Ore a lot of respect and gifts from all angles and I really hope she can take me out on a date with those free movie tickets that she will get from Etisalat NG!

We all know the movie tickets was a publicity stunt right? Which wise business won’t latch on a chance at free marketing. Not entirely free,  they still get to pay five movie tickets! Ha!

I am fairly certain that if I was Ayo, I would have most likely run away from Twitter Avenue or just change my address! However, AY didn’t chicken out, He did one better by making a public apology!


After all this, Dude started getting his own gifts, and maybe a date too!

I will be waiting to see which of the brands will make good on their promise. As for the guys at WEMA, they even carried out a survey. Well done o!

You will agree with me that the other folks that clicked the “I’m indifferent” tab were only trying to see the results of the polls.

Pablo Ayo, blogs at consultayo.com.ng where he talks mostly about tech related stuff. I really don’t care if it was a calculated move by Ayo and Ore, all I care is that it was a hit!

Furthermore, I am certain if the two of them should get dating and maybe marry, I will love to attend such a wedding!!! Ah, I know I and Misola are not the only people thinking about that.


Ore got Ay’s account number from a previous tweet where he was begging for school fees!

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