BMW 535d xDrive Review

Credit :: autoforumz.cz

The first car I will ever be reviewing is the diesel engined 535d xDrive by BMW (2014). This beauty of a car uses 1 gallon of diesel every 30 miles, has a well balanced handling and doesn’t understeer.

The sedan is built on the 2010 5 series platform, at about 16 feet long it comes fitted with a 16.1″ screen.

The engine is an inline six-cylinder block with 3 litres of displacement and a twin-scroll turbo and is controlled by an eight-speed auto transmission gear box.

Most auto transmission vehicles will move without tapping the accelerator but the 535d xDrive is not in that category. It will not move except you tap on the accelerator.

Credit :: autoforumz.cz

The sedan comes with four different drive modes:

  • Eco Pro
  • Comfort
  • Sport
  • Sport Plus

Sport plus balances the weight of the rear and front axles giving a neutral handling and great cornering and in this mode, dynamic traction control is enabled which is disabled when using the Sport mode. The sport mode offers manual shifting and this can be achieved by hitting the steering wheel-mounted paddles.

The Eco Pro enables a host of fuel saving technologies including an idle-stop feature powering off the engine at stops and starting up quietly as soon as you lift the legs off the breaks. It also dengages and reengages the engine when doing a downhill drive with legs off the accelerator.

The sedan also boasts of regenerative breaking

Some apps come bundled with the 535d such as Google search, Facebook and Twitter (in read out), Yelp, Web Radio by BMW, Amazon Cloud Player, Pandora among others.

The 535d comes with a 10-speaker system of 180-watt amp and produces well balanced sound with great bass, clear vocals, and clear high frequencies.
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