Best Free YouTube Video Downloaders Of 2022

When it comes to YouTube videos, one of the things people want to do is download them, so they can watch offline. While YouTube has a download feature that will allow you to watch videos offline without having an Internet connection, some people would prefer to download them, so they can carry the videos on a USB stick or transfer to other devices.

In this post we will go over the best free YouTube downloaders. We will go over both official and third party options that you can use to download videos for free. I will strongly advise that you use the third-party options only when you are trying to download your video or a video that you have a license to carry the offline copy of.

Official Options

YouTube App

It is pretty easy to download a video on the YouTube app. The only requirement is that the owner of the video has marked the video available for download; in cases where the owner of the video has not marked it available for download, you wouldn’t be able to download the video.

The download button for YouTube videos would normally be on the same row as the like dislike button. You might need to scroll depending on the size of your screen to make the download button visible.

Videos downloaded on the YouTube app will not be accessible by third party media players, you will only be able to access them through the YouTube app and will also be available when you are offline.

YT Music

On the YT music app, you would need to download a video by opening the file, and then selecting the three dots at the top right to make the download menu accessible. Alternatively, if you are listening to a playlist, you can see the download button as one of the three buttons below the playlist.

YT Kids

For YT kids app, you will likely need to have the premium subscription to be able to access the save offline feature. It is only accessible in a few locations of the world these locations are a handful and listed below.

If you are not in any of these locations you would not be able to save videos for offline view on YouTube Kids. Here’s a list of the available locations for YT Kids video download:

  • Ghana
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Malaysia
  • Nigeria
  • Philippines
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania
  • Zimbabwe

Look for the three dots button same as in YT music app, to be able to download videos for offline viewing. To be able to watch downloaded videos, you would need to click on the lock icon and then search for saved videos. You will then need to enter a code and then be able to access the saved videos. In this menu you can watch the videos you’ve downloaded and delete them if need be.

Third Party Tools

Before going on with the third party tools that are available for downloading YouTube videos, it is important to note that downloading videos using non-YouTube apps are illegal but available. It is strongly advised that you use any of the top three methods that have been listed, but if you still need to use a third party app, here are some of the active options that you can use today.

4k Video Downloader

This is the most popular YouTube video downloader out there and it is also available as a paid program. The paid version will take away all the limitations of the free version, but the free version will do a great job for most people out there.

To use 4K video downloader, you will need to copy the URL to the video that you need to download and paste in the desktop app, once done it will bring out various options for you to choose from regarding resolution and video format.

WinX YouTube Downloader

This is another downloader that comes highly recommended and works not just for YouTube but for 30 other websites. The most important feature of this downloader is that you will be able to download multiple videos at once.


For those using a mobile phone, Tubemate downloader is the absolute best YouTube downloader out there. You might need to download MP3 converter for this app to work properly. This app is not available in the default Google Play store because, as we said earlier, it is illegal to download YouTube videos outside the platform.

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