Best Airtel Data Plan Options

Best Airtel Data Plan Options

As an Airtel user myself, I can guarantee you that there are a few data plans from Airtel that you don’t know about, so in this blog post, we will be looking at the best Airtel data plan options you can ever buy.

PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSD Code
₦3001 Gb1 day*141*354#
₦5002 Gb2 days*141*504#
₦15006 Gb7 days*141*1504#
₦300015 Gb (500 mb daily)30 days*101*3002#
₦600045 Gb (1.5Gb daily)30 days*141*6002#
₦30,000240 Gb30 days*141*30000#
₦36,000280 Gb30 days*141*36000#

Choosing any plan asides the ones listed above will have you paying an unreasonable amount per Gb. Please note that data on the Everyday-ON plans rollover to the next day.

If you wish to spend an amount that is not on the list, it is better to either move up the list or choose multiples of lower plans to make sure you get the most data on your money.

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