Amazing Hidden features for Galaxy S4

The amazing hidden features for Galaxy S4

Two Finger Pull Down: With this gesture, you can access every single toggle on you Galaxy S4. Knew that? A long press on any of the toggles will bring you to its page

Google Now: Yeah it’s on your other phones, but the S4 launches it faster. Just Hold the Menu Button and you will see it Pop Up. Doesn’t work? Tap on the Google bar on the home screen and follow the prompts to turn Google Now on. Try Again. Hehehe

Multi-Window Mode: Yes, you heard me Right. Multi-Window mode. However, depending on your carrier not everyone will see the same apps. Not all apps work, but the
selection is big enough to make it a worthwhile entertainment and
productivity feature.

Magic Wave: Yes, with the S4 you can perform a magic wave. To set up, head to Settings -> My Device -> Motions and gestures-> Air Gesture -> Quick glance -> On. Once this is on, just move your hand over the display while the device is asleep and you can access the following notifications (not tapable).

  • Icons from the Notification bar
  • Missed calls
  • New Text messages
  • Battery Life
  • and the current time.

Guru Eyes: Yes, feel like a guru by controlling your device with your eyes. To turn these settings on go to Settings -> My device -> Smart screen ->

  • and turn Smart scroll on and then tap on the text to choose more options. 
  • and check all you wish to

Please note that this feature doesn’t work on any and every app.

Smart Audio

The Smart Audio Option allows you to get the best listening experience every time. Be it while the phone is ringing or when you are listening to music
To activate, go to Settings -> My device tab -> Sound -> Adapt sound -> follow the prompts.

Smart Alert

To turn this on, go to Settings -> My device tab -> Motions and gestures -> Motion -> Smart alert -> On.

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