Aiwatch GT08+ SmartWatch Review

Aiwatch GT08+

The Aiwatch GT08+ is a smartwatch that is compatible with iOS and Android systems, has Bluetooth touch pairing and smart anti-lost functionality.


I usually don’t take the design section for smartwatches but the detail that was taken in producing this watch merits the inclusion of this section.

The watch was completed after 193 steps and was started from sheet metal, with 8 steps of CNC and micron sandblasting, one would expect this watch to be destined to sell for at least $150. The cutting and edging was performed by a laser while there were anti-fingerprint coatings. The case is made from titanium alloy.


The Aiwatch GT08+ is with MTK6260 CPU and has a battery capacity of 380mAh lithium battery that gives a standby time of about 180 hours and up to 6 hours calling time. The GT08+ takes a high level of detail into its audio configuration as it has a high-quality WAV voice recorder as well as remote voice recorder functionality because of the high-quality mic that is inside the watch.

The touch panel is the industry standard 2.5D curved display with full lamination and 180 degree high light TFT LCD screen that is a multipoint capacitive touch screen.


Software and Features

The smartwatch doesn’t run on the android platform but was built to work in sync with either an android or iOS device even though it can use a nano sim in itself.

The functionality of the watch includes internet browsing, chatting, camera, sleep monitoring, sedimentary reminder, messaging, and calling among others.

The other interesting feature about the camera function is that not only can you use the 2.0MP camera to take photos from the watch, but you can also use the watch as a remote for your phone camera.

The calling function can be used for the sim card in the watch or as a way of picking the calls on your phone.

The last feature that I will breeze through is the smart anti-theft function that can allow you to find your phone when it is more than 10 feet away from you.

At the end of it all, you will see that there are more reasons to buy this smartwatch not only because of its price or articulate design but also because of its very helpful functionality.

3.5 rating
Total Score
  • Ease of Use
    3.5 rating
    3.5/5 Normal
  • Design
    3.5 rating
    3.5/5 Normal
  • Functionality
    3.5 rating
    3.5/5 Normal

The Good

  • Works with Android and iOS
  • Multiple Functionality

The Bad

  • Poor Language Translation
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