Action Launcher 3 Review

Anyone that has been following my blog will know that I have a really strong love for Action Launcher by Chris Lacey and I can assure you that I’ve used it on my last three Android devices.
Action Launcher 3 was release in December 2014, and it has been redesigned to fit into the Lollipop codebase. I love this launcher for its design, speed, and innovation. It’s a launcher that’s in a niche of itself.

One thing Lacey has always done is ensure that he gets paid and the users are also satisfied. The Action Launcher 2 free version has now become Action Launcher 3, while the action launcher 2 paid version has become Action Launcher 2 pro. Remember to backup all setting to sd card before updating to 2 pro if you haven’t.

Action Launcher 3 comes with an in-app purchase that will unlock premium features. The signature Quickdrawer is very much present and definitely so easy to use. The Action Bar has been replaced by the Google Search widget and you can actually switch back to an Action Bar when you wish.

Swiping up an icon will bring out it’s list of widgets (shutters) and covers has been re-introduced. Covers allows you to set an app as the cover of a folder so that by clicking the folder, you will link to the app as it were a link and you would only access folder list by swiping on the cover.

The premium features include Quicktheme that allows you to change the theme colour based on the wallpaper in use by extracting colours from the wallpaper and using as the theme colour and you can also edit the settings of the Quicktheme. 
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