5 must have apps for the iPhone and iPad user

I believe the iOS users must know that there are some basic apps that they can’t afford to do without. So I came up with this list to help them power up their phones much better.

Onavo Extend

You know very well that for iPhone users, the internet is the most important part of iOS and you will need to have a way to manage your data and make it use compression technology to reduce the amount of data you spend per time.

Microsoft One Note

A whole lot of people will want to argue out that the evernote is the best note app out there but one thing is that any note take that’s serious about what they do will want to take notes from scratch. If you need to clip notes from the web, that’s what pocket is for. I’m not trying to rubbish evernote, however, I’m just arguing my case as to why One Note is where you should go to if you need a note taking app. If you’ve not tried it please do. FYI, I uninstalled evernote after a week or so but since when I started using one note, it has always been there for me. I also remember taking a note offline on evernote and when I went online, it performed a sync and my note was nowhere to be found. The evernote support team wasn’t helpful either. Bad thing is, it wasn’t a note that I could recover.

Airblue Sharing
We all know that it is impossible to share files via bluetooth from the iOS enabled devices. That’s not entirely true because you can actually do so with Airblue sharing after you have applied a jailbrake to your phone.
360 Security

Nowadays you want to have an app that will take care of your security as well as manage your storage and trust me, this is the go-to app for this need.


This is a great app for self improvement. You get games that will help you measure and build various skills that are needed to be a better person in terms on intellect. There are mixed feelings about the app, one thing can’t be argued though, it is helpful.

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